REVIEW: Cluedo at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

As the heat continue to ramp up across the county, a chilling murder mystery with a comedic twist was unfurling at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, providing perfect escapism from the blazing sun.

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Cluedo has been entertaining families for decades as both a hugely successful board game and movie; now, it’s headed to the stage as a fantastically chaotic show that’s fit for everyone to enjoy.

This show is your classic who dunnit murder mystery teamed with side-splitting one-liners and perfect comedic timing. With a run time of just over an hour and a half, there’s plenty to enjoy as the plot unfolds and thickens right before your eyes. The real question is: who’s the cat amongst the pigeons at a dinner party where targets are on every guest’s back?

You’ll find all your favourite characters from the board game, but their personalities are epically brought to life thanks to a killer cast that includes alumni of some of Mischief Comedy’s award-winning ‘Goes Wrong’ series.

The beauty of Cluedo being given the stage treatment is down to the incredible cast, who each do a stellar job at not only taking on their roles, but packing so much humour that you almost forget that there’s a killer amongst them.

While I could tip my hat to each one of them, Jean-Luke Worrell steals the show as Wandsworth the butler. I didn’t think it was possible to laugh so much at someone closing a door until he came along. Equally, Judith Amsenga was hilarious as the politician’s wife, Mrs Peacock, sipping on her hip flask on the sly when no one was looking.

The 2022 cast of Cluedo, which runs at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre until July 16

The set design is clever and concise. Doors open to reveal the signature rooms including the library, billiard room and even the secret passage tucked away in the conservatory. Each character is also gifted a weapon and it’s not long before havoc is being wreaked in every corner.

Fast-paced, frantic and fanatically funny, Cluedo the Play makes for a great night out if you’re looking for laughs aplenty.

Cluedo runs at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre until Saturday, July 16. Click here for more information and to get tickets.

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