REVIEW: We Will Rock You at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

The dystopian smash-hit musical has rocked into Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre with a killer queen soundtrack.

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Back in my teens, my secondary school put on a production of Queen and Ben Elton’s We Will Rock You; looking back now, it was a brave move by an ambitious and encouraging duo consisting of a drama and art teacher.

Fast forward over a decade later and we arrive at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, where the Olivier Award-winning show is currently making its way around the UK showcasing the very best Queen songs alongside a dystopian storyline where rock ‘n’ roll music is forbidden.

Despite a tech issue rearing its ugly head on opening night, the show must go on, and nothing was going to stop the latest run of We Will Rock You from bringing a kind of magic to Wolverhampton Grand Theatre for its opening night.

We Will Rock You is currently playing at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Credit: Johan Persson

It only takes a quick Google to see the success that WWRY has accumulated. Making its debut back in 2002, it’s since played to more than 15million people across 17 countries, receiving high praise from fans, critics and original Queen members alike.

Since its debut, the production has undergone multiple changes to bring it right up to date with pop culture references and even the odd covid joke in passing which earns the show many rounds of applause and laughter from an audience that spans all ages.

Whether you know Queen’s back-catalogue of iconic hits like the back of your hand, or grew up awoken by “I Want to Break Free” being blasted in your parents’ home at 8am on a Saturday morning doesn’t matter, this show is a true celebration of one of the greatest bands to walk the Earth.

Its story is somewhat unusual, as it follows a future where musical instruments don’t exist and the playing or singing of any song will have you hunted down and destroyed by the Killer Queen herself. A slightly crackers concept some might say, yet somehow, it works a treat.

Jennifer o’Leary as Killer Queen in We Will Rock You. Credit: Johan Persson

Much like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The School of Rock, WWRY brings the true meaning of rock ‘n’ roll to the stage. Each hit is performed by an in-house band, with the speakers cranked up so loud that your seat will vibrate from the powerhouse guitar solos of which there are plenty. Team that with some of the most impressive raw and relentless vocals from the 24-strong cast and you’ve got yourself one hell of a concert.

You’ll be in for a treat when it comes to the tracklist too, as no stone is left unturned to ensure that some of the greatest Queen songs of all time have been hand-picked to perfectly match the storyline.

Speaking of songs, WWRY comes with some housekeeping rules: clap and enjoy yourself, but don’t sing at the top of your lungs; in the words of Brian May himself, 24 incredibly talented cast members are there to put on a show, and what an incredible job they do. Matching Freddie Mercury’s vocals is no mean feat, but this current cast does an absolutely stellar job in making them their own.

Packed full of energy, it’s impossible to not want to rock out with the whole production that will continue to carry Queen’s music through the ages for many years to come.

We Will Rock You runs at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre until Saturday, May 28. Click here to find out more and book tickets.

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