Summer Book Club: Five books you must read in 2021

Finding a decent read can often be a challenge, and as the seasons change, you may find yourself itching for a book that brings a bit more spice to your holiday. From dark comedic thrillers to hilarious pandemic diaries – here are five books that you should be packing into your suitcase.

How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie

A successful journalist and author, Bella Mackie has recently released her debut novel, How To Kill Your Family. Deliciously dark yet utterly hilarious, this gripping novel follows the story of Grace, who is obsessed with killing her family to inherit their fortune.

A plot with twists and turns that make it almost impossible to put down, How To Kill Your Family topped the charts on its release and received high praise from critics. A complete shift from the honest and inspiring best-selling Jog On, where Mackie spoke about how running helped with her mental health, How To Kill Your Family showcases her sheer talent in expertly balancing wicked humour with a homicidal spree.

You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry

If you’re lucky enough to be spending your summer near a beach, then this is the book that you should be packing in your case. Penned by Emily Henry, You and Me on Vacation will not only leave you feeling a little hot under the collar, but will inject you with a new sense of adventure.

Poppy and Alex have spent many summers together globetrotting to luxurious vacations, taking bumpy boat rides and drunkenly dancing on the streets of New Orleans. But one summer, when it all goes wrong, it leaves their friendship on the rocks. When Poppy asks Alex to join her for one last trip, it will determine the path that they both take for the rest of their lives.

Grown Ups by Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes’ latest novel, Grown Ups, is filled with family, friendship, laughter and scandals that make it almost impossible to put down. Jessie, Cara and Nell are connected in one way: they’re each married to three brothers: Ed, Jonny and Liam Casey.

No couple is the same; each is facing challenges that make sparks fly within the Casey, sometimes for all the wrong reasons. But when tensions begin to run high at a family meal, it isn’t long before the secrets start to spill out, changing the way the family sees each other forever.

How to Fail by Elizabeth Day

Host of the award-winning podcast of the same name, How to Fail by Elizabeth Day, is filled with everything that she has learned in her life from things that have gone wrong.

From navigating and finding love on dating apps to navigating challenges in her career and children, this brutally honest memoir is designed for readers to learn that making mistakes in our lives can often make us stronger as a person. Equal measures of honesty, hilarious, and heartbreaking, How to Fail is an uplifting novel that will help you turn your mistakes into success.

Life In Pieces by Dawn O’Porter

When Los Angeles went into lockdown, Dawn O’Porter found herself juggling life with two young children and her husband whilst grieving the loss of one of her closest friends. Life In Pieces documents the highs and lows that Dawn spent in lockdown.

From potty training her youngest son, to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, coping with her mental health and many margaritas, Life In Pieces is a beautifully honest and equally hilarious read that will resonate with readers in a year that we’ll all remember forever.

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