Meet Tame Tipple, the alcohol-free brand that’s bringing joy back into your drinks

*AD – this post is in paid partnership with Tame Tipple. Click here to find out more about the brand and everything it has to offer.

As the longer nights and warmer days begin to creep in – not to mention the ease of the restrictions, – many of us will be taking the chance to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D and enjoy some social time with our friends and family with a drink in hand. 

For some, a refreshing pint or a large glass of white in a beer garden will be most welcome after a challenging year that has seen us pouring our own drinks. But what happens to those of us that are skipping the booze? Well, let me introduce you to Tame Tipple, a brand new business venture designed to take the dullness out of soft drinks.

Founded by Lizzy Lane and her business partner, Kate Ulloa-James, Tame Tipple is aimed at those who may be looking to either cut down or cut out their alcohol intake without the fear of missing out in social situations, something which Lizzy herself experienced when she gave up alcohol in 2019. 

“When I first quit drinking back in May of 2019 to take ownership of my mental health, I found it extremely difficult,” Lizzy explains. “I had strong feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out), so I decided to give alcohol-free drinks a go to feel more included in social situations and not deprive myself of my favourite drinks.

Lizzy (left) and Kate (right) launched Tame Tipple in April

“I spent the best part of a year trying dozens upon dozens of different alcohol-free beers, ciders, wines, and spirits, and it soon became what I like to call a ‘healthy obsession’. The UK has come such a long way in the low and no alcohol category, but I felt that a few things were missing: the ability to try singular drinks in a clear format, a single place to have all that you need to make a mocktail and finally, knowledge on what the drinks taste like and easily filtering your requirements based on whether you’re vegan, gluten intolerant or specifically searching for low-calorie drinks.”

So, how does Tame Tipple work? “Our site is split into two sections – A pick ‘n’ mix format where you can buy singular drinks and build your box, your way,” Lizzy says. “We’ll be stocking alcohol-free beer, cider, spirits, ready-mixed mocktails, soft drinks, freeze-dried fruit, premium tonics, drinks accessories and snacks. Mindful of dietary requirements, we’ve hand-picked the brands we know and love, which are naturally low in calories, sugar, all vegan and the vast majority gluten free. When you’ve discovered your favourites, you can return and bulk buy your tipples with discount savings.

“The second section is our mocktail lounge, where we showcase the best alcohol-free spirits on the market with recipes, recommended tonic pairings, right down to freeze-dried fruit to make your own mocktail at home in 60 seconds or less.

“Gender doesn’t decide our success, we are the ones who get to decide our destiny. You only fail if you don’t try.”

“To round off the experience, we will also be stocking snacks for the perfect night in, which cater to those that are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and those looking for a lower calorie alternative. Your order is then sent straight to your address, where you can mix up your drinks and enjoy joyful drinking whether you’re surrounded by family and friends, or enjoying a quiet night in.”

Before its launch in April, Lizzy and Kate spent a lot of time researching different options that would make Tame Tipple differ from its fellow competitors. One of the most recognisable factors of the brand is that not only does it pride itself on offering a diverse range of alcohol-free beer, cider, spirits and ready-mixed mocktails, alongside mixers and snacks, all in one place, but it’s also eco-friendly through its packaging and freeze-dried fruits,” Lizzy says.

“We also have the lowest basket size for free delivery (£50) and to our knowledge, the only retailer where all drinks are vegan friendly. We believe that every drink should be, therefore we won’t stock any drink that doesn’t meet this requirement. Kate has been vegan for 5 years now, so this was something we were passionate about making happen, especially from both an inclusivity and eco-conscious perspective.

Tame Tipple stocks a range of alcohol-free mocktails, spirits, beers and ciders.

“At Tame Tipple we only stock drinks that we’ve tried ourselves and can vouch for; sometimes there can be such a thing as too much choice, so while we won’t have the most extensive range of drinks to choose from, there’s a reason for it! We are centred around choosing the tastiest, best reviewed drinks that are the lowest in calories and sugar. When swapping out alcohol for alcohol-free, you have a right to full clarity on what is in your drink and we take pride in giving you full disclosure,” Lizzy adds.

Deciding to launch a business during the pandemic was one of the challenges that Lizzy and Kate faced, but finding the gap in the market where people were trying to make positive changes in their lives proved to be an ideal opportunity to launch their female-led business, something which Lizzy is hoping will encourage other women to take the initial steps that can often seem scary at first, to make their dreams become a reality.

“To our knowledge, we’re the first female-led business in the alcohol-free drinks retailer sector, selling multiple brands. We want to advocate for all the women out there who have been told ‘it’s a man’s world’ or ‘women shouldn’t be in business’ – yes, you should,” Lizzy says. “Gender doesn’t decide our success, we are the ones who get to decide our destiny. You only fail if you don’t try.” 

To find out more about Tame Tipple, including its shop, FAQ’s and more, click here. You can also keep up to date with Tame Tipple on Facebook and Instagram (@tametipple) for details upcoming competitions, giveaways, sober support and fun videos! 

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