The Travel Diaries | Six weeks in Spain Vol 5.

This is it, the final Travel Diary entry for this trip, and honestly, I don’t quite know where the last six weeks have gone.

We fly home early tomorrow morning and while I’m looking forward to being reunited with my family and friends, I’m going to miss waking up and spending each day here. This isn’t just typical blues that you get when you know that your time away’s coming to an end, I’m really going to miss it.

I’ve been coming to this part of Spain since I was around 15 – maybe a little younger – and  I’ve always felt welcome in Mojacar. My Mum always says there’s something magical about this place. Walt Disney did spend a lot of time here as a child, so maybe he brought a little bit of Pixi dust with him. Staying in a residential area has meant that we’ve become part of the community. We’ve made friends for life here and in some ways, it’s started to feel more like home than my proper home does.


I came here on pretty rocky circumstances regarding my health and wellbeing with hopes that a bit of sun would cure me, but truthfully, it’s done much more than that. Being here and detaching myself from all my triggers has allowed me to find a balance again, to learn to take time for myself to recharge in order to be the best person that I can.

It’s given me the chance to spend proper time with my parents both together and individually. Not just watching the TV – we’ve done quite a bit of that when the weather was bad, mind – but heading out and playing pool with my Dad and going on countless walks and finding new places in the Old Town with my Mum. I couldn’t and wouldn’t allow myself time to do this before, and now I know how important it is to make sure I soak up all the time I possibly can with them. They’ve done a lot to get me here, changed and cancelled flights, lost money on car parks, spent more money looking after me on a time that should’ve been for them to enjoy themselves, and I can never thank them enough for it. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do the same for them.

There are challenges that are waiting for me at home; finding a new job being the first, booking in further counselling sessions being the second, but I feel in a much better state of mind to take them on than I did when I boarded that plane six weeks ago.


Our last week, much like all of the others, has gone by too quickly. On Monday, Dad and I drove back up the coast to Pulpí to check out the largest crystal caves in Europe. Our entire tour was in Spanish and we went up and down the most ridiculous amount of stairs, but my god it was worth it. Thankfully, we’ve been blessed with really beautiful weather most days, so we’ve managed to catch a few hours just sitting in the sun on the roof while the locals walk around wearing their winter coats and scarves. The Christmas lights finally made an appearance too; typically, we’re 99% sure they’re going to get turned on tomorrow evening when we’ll already be back in the cold!

We managed to squeeze in one final trip down to Garrucha, breakfast by the beach and finished off our final day driving up the mountains into Bedar, which holds the same beauty as Mojácar with its picturesque narrow streets and beautiful blossoms. A beautiful finish to a beautiful break.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long until I can bring you a new Travel Diaries series, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing each one.

Becky x

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