The Travel Diaries | Six weeks in Spain Vol. 4

As I type this, I’m sat on my bed in a really unique and quite frankly, super-cool hotel room.

I’m currently in the city of Granada, where we’ve travelled down for a mini-break within our big break, during our final weeks here. The journey down here was beautiful. We left Mojacar’s blue skies early on Wednesday morning and watched as the skyline changed from mountains dressed in green to suddenly being dressed in snow. It was quite the sight to behold.


Earlier this week, my Dad and I decided to hike further up the mountain to get a truly unique view of Mojacar. The hardest part was the first ten minutes – the winding road was damn near vertical – and I was 1. glad I brought water with me, 2. kicking myself because I’d failed to pack a snack. But after the road levelled out, we made our way steadily up to the top of the mountain in good time, before taking in the breathtaking views, snapping some photos and trying not to get blown over by the really intense wind.

Back to Granada. My parents have visited here a few times before and have always told me how beautiful it is and how much I’d love it. But what they failed to mention that it’s actually a lot colder than Mojacar, and I hadn’t packed for cold weather, so my first job was to dive into H&M and grab jeans and a jumper, because loose fit cotton trousers and a T-shirt simply weren’t cutting it.

Our hotel’s in the Old Quarter, which has a beautiful view of the Alhambra if you take a little stroll up the road. Last night, we managed to find a cosy Moroccan restaurant where we filled our bellies with a huge warming bowl of tagine before dipping into a bar next to our hotel for some welcomed glasses of Gluwine.


The weather has been pretty grim to be honest, which was a bit of a stinker as we went on a two-hour tour of the outside of the Alhambra Palace. Lord knows I would’ve enjoyed it a heck of a lot more if I had a raincoat, hat, gloves, scarf, but there I was in double denim, looking like a tourist that really hadn’t checked the weather forecast. We had, days before, but finding a shop in Mojacar Playa or Pueblo for that matter isn’t the easiest of tasks.

During the moments that the rain did ease off, the Alhambra was possibly one of the most spectacular collection of palaces I’ve ever seen. You can explore it inside and out, but it’ll take you an entire day and cost you the tidy penny of €40 to do so. That being said, the elements that I did see is enough for me to encourage you to book some tickets if you ever find yourself here.

We’re heading back to Mojacar tomorrow for the beginning of our final week here and it’s quite terrifying to think that a week on Saturday we’ll be back in the U.K by lunchtime. I’m trying not to think about that yet, we’ve still got plenty of stuff planned. Next Monday, me and Dad are heading to check out the biggest crystal caves in Europe and I’m sure we’ll be heading out for plenty of delicious and soaking up all the sun and warm weather we can!

Anyway, hope you’re all keeping well. I hear it’s cold back home, so Tom, if you’re reading this, please bring me extra layers to the airport and some Tunnocks Teacakes because me and Mum have been craving them for weeks!

Becky x

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