The Travel Diaries | Six weeks in Spain Vol. 3

I’ve been here for almost a month now, which seems pretty mental. The time is going by fast, maybe that’s just because the weather’s nice, maybe it’s just because I’m spending more time looking after myself than I am worrying – who knows.

I missed posting last week’s journal entry purely because I was simply enjoying being here and doing some different bits and pieces. I don’t want to feel pressured to write, although I must admit more recently I’ve been more keen to get things written down than I have in a long time.

Besides the treadmill breaking in the gym last week which forced me to attempt a run around where I’m staying, we went on one of my Dad’s magical mystery tours into the mountains and came across an exclusive area in Turre, which was practically abandonded, before heading for lunch in Bedar. A trip up the coast out to Pulpí followed and me and Mum binge-watched season two of The End of the F***ing World, which is probably one of the best things I’ve seen on TV this year.


The weather’s become a bit more challenging recently. The temperature’s started to drop, which means fewer days sat on the roof soaking up the sun and more inside watching Netflix or reading books. I’ve also become pretty addicted to watching quiz shows. The Wall made me scream at the telly on Saturday, so maybe I need to get out more.

We’re still making the most out of the blue skies where we can though with walks around the town and the odd trip with my Dad to the golf club, which gave me a chance to squeeze in a beautiful run at one of my favourite places in the world yesterday – besides Disney World.

This week we had an old family friend in the area, so it was great to spend some quality time with someone who was around an awful lot when I was younger. Oh, and I ate possibly the best risotto I’ve ever had on Sunday. It went down a treat, let me tell you!


It’s strange, in some ways I feel more at home here than I do at home, but there is a part of me that’s itching to get back home and see my family and friends. But I’m not wishing my time away here and I’m planning on making the most of every day – even if the wind is so horrendous that walking up the street is a workout in itself!

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the run-up to Christmas. It’s hard to feel festive when you’re surrounded by sunshine and blue sky! Maybe I’ll watch Let It Snow after I’m done with this to help get me in the spirit.

Becky x

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