The Travel Diaries | Six Weeks in Spain Vol. 2

Today marks three weeks since I flew out from a very cold Birmingham, swapping it for six weeks in the Spanish sun and I’ve got to say, it’s already whizzing by.

With each day that passes here, I’m becoming more immersed in the beautiful culture and community that fills Mojacar’s Old Town – even if that does including being woken up every Sunday morning between 6.30am – 7am to locals singing a hymn and blessing our building.


Although the old town can at times feel amazingly peaceful, especially during siesta time, it never ceases to amaze me how much is constantly going on around us. Last Saturday, despite blacklisting the buses after their first week here, my parents and I hopped on a bus down to the coast and took a stroll up to Garrucha as we’d heard that a food and drink festival that was happening throughout the weekend.

Admittedly, standing inside a jam-packed tent in the heat didn’t appeal to me all that much, especially when I forgot to take any meds for my anxiety, but once I’d grabbed myself a plate of black paella and a beer, I can safely say that I really enjoyed myself.

We’ve also taken a couple of long walks down to the coast for lunch and ice cream. Hopping on the bus back because walking halfway up a mountain in the mid-20’s just isn’t the one when the bus is only just over a euro. Oh, and I also had the biggest glass of Sangria that I’ve possibly drunk in my life.

There’s something about being immersed in the real Spanish culture that’s beautifully refreshing and I think staying in an apartment rather in the middle of this delightful town has a lot to do with that. We’ve already made a lot of friends here, and while the locals don’t tend to speak much English, they continue to be incredibly welcoming.

Being out here is so different compared to life back home. Of course, I’m missing bits like the ability to watch Drag Race and go to my favourite coffee shops, but I’m also loving that I’m missing a good chunk of the German Markets taking over Birmingham, the bad weather and the chaos that’s been happening with the trains.

My mental health is still creeping in somewhat every now and then. For instance, I’m terrified that when I get back home I don’t have a solid job or income, my car needs a new tyre, the weather’s going to be cold and dark and I fear that I’m going to heavily struggle to get into the Christmas spirit when I’m so concerned about all of the above.

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

That being said, I’m continuing to learn ways to deal with my mental health: sitting in the sun for an hour, going to the gym, reading my book. I’m also hardly on my phone anymore, which is a massive change for me considering it used to be glued to my hand 80% of my day. Now, I tend to either leave it in my room most of the time and I’m more than happy to step out the apartment for a couple of hours without it.

Anyway, enough screen time for me, I’m off to read my book in the sun. I hope you’re all well and having a wonderful week – despite all the Brexit nonsense.

Becky x

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