One Year On: A little life update

Oh hey, it’s me again, back writing on this little space that’s been far too neglected over the recent months. It’s almost been a year since I created this blog, which I decided to launch after being stuck in a bit of a rut and contemplating whether to put my career in writing to bed.

After being made redundant, I decided that working for one sole company didn’t quite fit me anymore, mainly because I was just too scared of having to go through the whole redundancy situation ever again, so I decided to bite the bullet and brave the world of freelance.

Thankfully, with an incredible support network of friends and family, I’ve been very lucky with my little freelance life, and it’s enabled me to have some incredible opportunities like jetting off to Paris for a last-minute trip with a pal and spending two weeks in Orlando with an old school friend. But despite my efforts to post weekly, my poor little blog has suffered as I’ve slowly begun to get caught up with more and more work.

With all this in mind, I’ve spent recent weeks deciding what direction to take this in. To close it down would simply be too sad. After all, it does mark the beginning of my self-employed life, so I’m going to attempt to treat it more like a journal and whether people read this or not is neither here nor there.

Of course, I’ll still be filling it with reviews and other bits of partnership pieces for you all to enjoy, but I created this blog as a safe space in hopes of ridding any anxiety and most importantly, having something to look back on to remember parts of my life that have a positive impact. Too often we find ourselves dwelling on the negatives in life, that we never really stop to properly soak up the good ones.

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As I’m sat typing this, it’s Easter Sunday. The weather has been utterly blissful, which is highly unusual for a Bank Holiday and I’ve spent the day say in the garden where I’ve begun to tackle my very first round of taxes (yawn) before heading out for a delicious Sunday roast with my parents.

I’ve also made the time to catch up with old friends while they’re home, put my healthy eating on the back burner for just a few days, and enjoy this glorious four-day weekend before I find myself back in an office and staring outside the window over the city.

Podcasts have been a big thing for me recently, too. I’m very much in a Spring cleaning mode at the moment, which is practically unheard of from me, but having a podcast on in the background really seems to keep me perked up when I’m elbows deep in paperwork that’s nearly ten-years-old. I’m a hoarder, ok.

Alongside my unusual urge to declutter, I finally finished Gossip Girlfollow my Gossip Girl thoughts on this Twitter thread – much to my best friend’s happiness, and I’ve been working on getting my health back on track.

My self-confidence took a heck of a pounding last year, so I’m trying to work on that by doing simple things like making healthier choices with food and drink and getting myself out the house for a walk every evening. I even bought TWO skirts and wore them out in public this weekend, which may not seem like much to you, but as a person who spends 90% of her time in skinny jeans, it was a pretty big deal.

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The next few weeks, and May especially, are looking pretty busy for me, too. Alongside working for clients full-time, I’ve got multiple gig reviews, a Christening, a 10th birthday a 90th birthday, I’m a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding and I’m planning a super-exciting project that I’m hoping to share with you over the coming weeks.

Not that I’m complaining about any of the above, because to be honest, if you told me a year ago that any of this would be happening, chances are I probably would have called you mad and had a bit of a laugh.

Either way, it feels good to be back writing here again, even if it’s just for me, because writing is something that I cherish so dearly, I’ve just forgotten how to do it for myself rather than for others. Hopefully, this is the start of something new!

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