I went to see The Psychic Sisters and this was my experience…

Growing up I never really believed in God.

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As a child, my Mum used to take me to church every Sunday where I’d sit and play with coloured wooden blocks kept in felt bags, and I was Christened at a young age, but as I grew older my parents left it down to myself and my siblings to choose our beliefs. 

In 26 years, nothing has really changed. My life and the world around me has been littered with too much pain and negativity for me to believe in God, but I do believe in something, I’ve just never been able to put my finger on what it was.

I’ve always had this strange connection with my Mum where we’ve almost been able to tap into each-others thoughts, but it terms of spiritually, that’s about as far as I’ve ever been willing to go.  

*That was until recently when I took a trip to The Psychic Sisters pop-op on Level 3 of Selfridges and found myself sat in front of a Clairvoyant named Carole, who handed me a large deck of tarot cards before asking me to shuffle and split the deck. And from that moment on is where things got a little…unusual. 

When Carole began talking about very specific and personal moments of my life, pulling out names and even locations, that’s when I realised that she carried a very special gift.

I’d never met Carole, a former dental nurse who now just happens to read for one of the most well-respected psychic groups in the industry, yet within minutes of me sitting in front of her and answering basic questions such as my name, age and profession, she was telling me things about myself that no-one else knows – apart from me.

Straight away I found myself feeling both terrified and fascinated in equal measures. How on earth did this lovely woman, who I’d know for all of 15 minutes, know more about my entire life – past, present and future included – than I did? 

It’s all well and good having a random stab in the dark at what someone does for a living and guessing the name of their family pet, but when Carole began talking about very specific and personal moments of my life, pulling out names and even locations, that’s when I realised that she carried a very special gift. 

The evening I met Carole was overwhelming to say the least, so much so that I found myself in tears on the train home talking to my Mum on the phone. I had so many questions, and equally, Carole had not only given my answers but told me that I had some big choices to make in the coming months for thoughts that have been quite frankly plaguing my mind for months on end. 

Nearly a week has passed since my experience with The Psychic Sisters, yet I’m still left scratching my head trying to make sense of how it all happened. 

How is it possible for someone to know so much about your life from just a polite smile and a delicate handshake? It’s not as if I sat down in front of Carole and told her some of my deepest secrets and insecurities, yet somehow, she already knew them. 

She tapped into elements of my life that I’d closed off; she told me that I needed to protect myself from the overwhelming amount of negativity that I’m holding onto in order to make myself a better person. That I’d well and truly lost my mojo, and only when I can learn to love myself of the inside, would it show on the outside for others to love me in turn. 

Carole gave me an insight into my future, the future that I’ve always hoped for, but she also made it clear to me that it won’t come for free nor will it come without its challenges, but that from past pain I now have the tools within me to build the life I want and deserve. 

And just a few hours after meeting her, I took the plunge and let go on one of the biggest pains I’d been carrying around for so long, and I instantly felt lighter for it. Now I just need to start working my way through the rest of the list for me to continue to progress until the next wave of challenges hit, because of what Carole told me is true, the next choice is a biggun’. 

Even before heading to my reading I’d been told by multiple colleagues how incredible The Psychic Sisters were. Jayne Wallace’s – founder of The Psychic Sisters – clientele includes everyone form Hollywood A-Listers like Kim Kardashian to BBC Radio 1 DJ, Scott Mills, so if they can put their trust into a Clairvoyant, then what did I have to lose by opening myself up to them too?

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Heading into my reading with an open mind and a clear idea of telling Carole what I wanted to know about helped make the most out of my experience, and it’s something that I’ll remember forever. 

Admittedly before taking a seat, I was 99% sure that psychics and Clairvoyants were not for me, and that there must just be a way that they can trick you to say certain things to give you the answer that you want, but now I’m 99% sure that is far from the truth. 

When I think about it, it’s mad that I went to the lengths of sitting down with a Clairvoyant to essentially put me on the right path to fixing one of the biggest issues of my life within hours, but here I am less than a week later feeling far more positive about my life than I have done in months. 

If you’ve ever considered visiting a Clairevoyant, I can’t recommend The Pyschic Sisters enough. You can find them on the Beauty Level (Level 3) of Selfridges. For more info or to book your reading, click here.

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