January is the worst month to have a birthday – here’s why

January. A new year, where everyone’s either broke, eaten their body weight in cheese, spent way too much time socialising with friends and family – or most likely, all three of the listed.

But what about the people who were welcomed into the world in the first month of the year, who quite frankly, even find themselves questioning if they want to celebrate their birthday?

I’m now in my mid-20’s, and I can safely say that organising plans for my birthday has always been a bit of a pain, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Of course, those born in December have it bad with Christmas, but at least people are up for a couple of drinks and a night out. So spare a thought for us January babies who have to put up with an endless list of nonsense as to why our pals are going to struggle to party with us.

Having a birthday in January is a constant struggle that never gets easier:


There’s the: “Sorry, I can’t come out, I’m doing Dry January” person. Dry January. The two words that anyone who celebrates their birthday knows are sure to put a bit of a dampener on things. You may not be drinking Karen, but please pass me the wine – chin, chin!

On the plus side, most of the bars, pubs and restaurants are empty, so you’ve got more of a chance of getting a free drink or two because people have this weird sympathy for you.

And then it ends up with you and a few select pals being in this situation…


Closely followed by the: “I’m still broke from Christmas” person. Guess what, people who have their birthday in January are still broke too! We’re not asking you to shower us with gifts, just come an have a cheap drink.


Then again, that probably means that because your pals are broke there’s a damn good chance that you’re getting socks and every present is going to be wrapped in tin foil because no-one can be bothered with wrapping paper and tin foil’s just a ‘fold and scrunch’ job.

Not forgetting the: “I went out loads over Christmas, so I’m going to pass on coming out” person. Christmas and December are busy months, we get it, we’ve dealt with it too.

Or, the “I’m trying to shift all the weight I put on over Christmas, so I’m being super healthy” personBut when you’re honest with yourself you’re actually in a bit of a state after the festive season anyway from eating your bodyweight in cheese and pigs in blankets, so you end up contemplating whether you should lay off the cake as well.

So maybe you’d be better sitting at home in your loungewear, watching Bridget Jones and crying into a tub of Halo Top. Or, better yet, cooking a god awful dinner for your friends before sacking it off and ordering a takeaway. Because nothing says happy birthday like horrendous food, cheap wine and setting your kitchen on fire.

Cheers to another birthday, January babes!


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