I binge-watched YOU on Netflix & had some serious thoughts…

I’m going to go ahead and say it: so far, 2019 has brought us some pretty good TV

Ok, so we’re only a week in and I might be getting way ahead of myself here, but in the space of seven days, I watched possibly some of the best shows I’ve seen in a very long time.

Alongside Black Mirror‘s brilliantly clever feature-length episode ‘Bandersnatch‘, an interactive movie that allows viewers to control the life of its main character, Stefan, I recently finished up YOU, a Netflix Original series based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, and let me tell you, I had some thoughts.

YOU is everything you could want from a binge-worthy boxset. The perfect balance of its dark storyline against the witty comedy and the ‘that didn’t just happen’ moments – of which there are aplenty, makes the recipe for a seriously good TV show. So much so that Netflix has already announced that it’s been commissioned for another series – thank GOD!

The drama/thriller starring Penn Badgley (Joe Goldberg) and Elizabeth Lail (Guinevere Beck) is enough to creep any millennial/internet user out, especially when it comes to meeting someone new.

So seeing as my social media was covered with what has now been dubbed as one of the creepiest shows in years, I set out to binge-watch the whole thing over a couple of days and had some serious thoughts, all of which I noted down episode by episode.

*Contains spoilers*

Ok, so Joe’s clearly attentive… Beck’s been in this book shop two minutes and he’s already assessing her every move.

Paco seems like a sweet kid. Aw, and Joe’s given him his sandwich, what a babe he is.


I’m eight minutes in and I already want to set all my social media pages to private. Joe’s only met Beck once and he already knows her whole life story. How quickly my opinion’s changed.

So this is why online dating is just an absolute no go.

Oh, wonderful, he’s found where she lives and is proceeding to watch her through her apartment window from across the street. That’s not creepy at all.

I feel like most of Beck’s problems could be solved if she just brought herself a blind or a pair of curtains.

Why is Joe attractive, funny, sweet and caring, but also a massive sociopath? This is why we can’t have nice things.


Joe may be a stalker, but he’s a solid 10 over Benji. Also, his narration’s just hilarious. He’s scoring some serious points here.

I mean, Joe’s not wrong, Beck really does have a horrendous choice in friends. Absolutely not a fan of Peach.

Suddenly I’m glad I don’t live on my own. Although, I should probably switch up my passwords and check all the locks in my house.

If I’d lost my phone, one of the first things I’d do is log out of everything and detach my iCloud. Come on now, Beck, remember the basics here!

Hold on, how can Beck have access to the Cloud when she has an Android?

Joe’s captured Benji but is still offering to buy him food of his choice alongside career advice.

So we’ve gone from extreme stalker to kidnapper to murderer. Oh, Joe.

Is this what Dan Humphery would’ve evolved into if we’d got another couple of series of Gossip Girl?

Never did I think I’d be cheering on a stalker/murderer over people who are just assholes. But, here we are. Team Joe!

Apart from the stalking, lying, cheating, kidnapping and murders, Joe and Beck’s relationship is kinda cute.


Wow. Never has a show gone from being tense to hilarious to cringe-worthy so quickly.

I’m not a fan of ‘The Cage’, it’s like a library version of The Cube – minus the murders and using it as a jail, of course.

Peach needs to get in the bin. Along with Beck’s super-creepy professor… and her family. Her step-sister needs to take it down a notch.

Considering Peach’s home and holiday home are both massive, you’d think she’d have some CCTV.

Penn Badgley is an absolute GOD, even when his character is utterly terrifying.

He smashed Beck’s phone… SMASHED IT!


Is it weird that I feel like Karen’s completely punching with Joe? I’d say yes, even if he’s a murderer who’s obsessed with his ex-girlfriend.

Come to think of it, Beck only broke up with him a matter of days ago, but he’s not messing around in hopping into bed with Karen, is he?

So Joe’s happy to murder pretty much anyone as long as his relationship with Beck is maintained? So much for “if we don’t have trust, then we don’t have anything.”

Paco may be cute, but the kid needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and not give away hiding places. He must be terrible at keeping secrets, and playing hide and seek.


Hold on, Beck’s in ‘The Cage’? Joe, what are you doing?

Beck’s gone, Candice is alive, Joe’s still not been found out – HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!


No. The series did NOT just end. There’s got to be another episode! Give me season two, STAT!

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