The most shocking moments from season 5 of Orange Is the New Black

With the highly anticipated series six of Orange Is the New Black set to drop on Netflix in just a matter of days, let’s remind ourselves of what went down in the nail-biting fifth series.

Spoilers ahead!

There’s an awful lot to be said about season five of OITNB. The writers certainly didn’t hold back in making sure that the left viewers well and truly shook in series five.

In probably what is both the best and most intense series of the show yet; the entire season was based upon three days in Litchfield, from moments after Pousseys shocking death in season four, right up until all the inmates are separated in the final episode.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be setting plenty of time aside to pretty much binge-watch the entire series over the space of a few days. Because let’s face it, once you get past the first episode, there’s no way you’re going to stop.

So, it’s time to break down the most shocking events that happened in series five:

When Daya Shot CO Humphrey

Credit: Netflix

After what can only be described as an all mighty cliff-hanger ending to series four, series five kicked off with the Daya pointing a gun a C.O.Humphrey before shooting him in the upper thigh.

This event lead the inmates to stage a riot after seemingly becoming sick of the way they were being treated by officers. Humphery is taken to the hospital ward by the inmates, but dies of his injuries later in the series and Daya ends up turning herself in.

When Piscatella Captures the Inmates

Credit: Netflix

Series five was some of some truly shocking moments, but nothing was quite as intense as when Piscatella held some of our favourite inmates – Piper, Alex, Red, Nicky, Boo and Blanca – captive.

During what was possibly one of the most horrifying moments of the entire series, Piscatella proceeded to single out Red and cut off her hair with a knife, cutting her scalp, before snapping her arm right in front of the other inmates.

But it wasn’t long before the roles were reversed and after the inmates find a way to escape, they lure Piscatella into their secret hideout where Red proceeds to seek revenge.

When Piper Proposes to Alex

Credit: Netflix

Alex and Piper seemed to lay lower than usual in the last series. With the end of Piper’s sentence rapidly approaching, the pair do their best to keep out of the way of the dramatic events that are rapidly unfolding before their eyes in order to avoid any further time being adding to their sentences.

And whilst their relationship has admittedly been rather rocky over the years, a phone call with her Mum makes Piper realise just how much Alex actually means to her. She goes off on a mission to pop the question, creating what is probably one of the most happy moments in the entire series!

When Morello Finds Out She’s Pregnant 

Credit: Netflix

Morello’s story has always been one of many twists and turns. Between finding out that her ‘husband’ Christopher wasn’t actually even her husband at all, to her on-again/off-again relationship with Nicky and her marriage to her prison pen pal, Vinny, it’s safe to say it’s been a rough few years for the inmate.

But things went up another notch in series five, when after telling Nicky that her breasts felt different and taking a bunch of pregancy tests, it turned out that for the first time ever, Morello was telling the truth after all, and another jail baby is on the way.

As if the situation couldn’t get any worse with Vinny practically running for the hills as fast as he could, Morello is shipped off to a mystery new prison.

The Rise of Taystee

Credit: Netflix

As one of the most loved characters in the entire show, Taystee really came into her own in series five.

After her best friend, Poussey Washington was brutally murdered by an under-trained officer at the end of series four, we saw a whole new Taystee compared to the bubbly, intellectual inmate that we’d grown to adore.

When the prison collapses after a riot breaks out in protest of both Poussey’s death and the horrific standards in which the inmates are being treated, Taystee decides enough is enough, and becomes a voice of all prisoners.

It’s quite refreshing to see someone else get steal the limelight from Piper, actually; Taystee is far more deserving, and to be quite honest, it seems like a lot of viewers had had quite enough of Piper’s sassiness for four series. All hail the new heroine of OITNB!

Season six of Orange Is the New Black lands on Netflix July 27! 

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