Review | An Officer and a Gentleman – The Musical at Birmingham Hippodrome

A classic movie that’s been spun into a joyful and uplifting musical with a glorious 80’s soundtrack – it’s difficult not to fall in love with An Officer and a Gentleman – The Musical.

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Sure, it’s a cheesy as you like, but if you’re a fan of the 1982 flick starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger, you’d expect nothing less.

Underneath the 80’s soundtrack featuring Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, It’s a Man’s World and Toy Soldiers – something that you’d expect to hear on Smooth Radio – lies a beautifully told story that makes for a delightful show – and yes, it does contain that iconic final scene in the musical version, in case you were wondering.


The soundtrack certainly packs a punch of nostalgia, that goes without saying, but each has been crafted to skilfully support the storyline. Whilst it primarily focuses on a group of young US naval recruits, who all dream of gaining their wings to become jet pilots, for me, it’s the women who absolutely steal the show.


While I can’t deny that the vocals from Jonny Fines, who takes on the role of dreamy Zack Mayo, and Ian McIntosh who gives a sublime performance as Sid Worley, it has to be said this slick production is not just a man’s world.

Emma Williams is simply sensational as the fiery Paula Pokrifki, delivering the most powerful vocals throughout the entire production. Both Jessica Daley (Lynette Pomeroy) and Keisha Attwell (Casey Seegar) don’t fail in packing a punch as they step into the shoes of Paula’s best friend and a woman with a huge passion to defy the odds and become the world’s first female jet pilot.


The talent that lays within this show is unprecedented, and whether you’ve been a fan of the film for years, or this is your first introduction to the romantic drama that tackles issues from suicide to family affairs, it’s tough to even find an area where this production slips up. Set changes are clean, the choreography is slick and the cast doesn’t fail to put on a well-rounded performance.

A sheer joy from beginning to end that will leave you smiling from ear to ear, An Officer and a Gentleman – The Musical is a delightful show that is a credit to both the movie and novel that came before it.

An Officer and a Gentleman – The Musical runs at Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday, May, 19. Get your tickets here!

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