Be At One Birmingham has an amazing new cocktail menu that you need to try

Be at One Birmingham has introduced new cocktails to its menu, and one’s based on Harry Potter Butter Beer!

Press event // gifted experience

One of my favourite places to grab a drink in the city, Be At One doesn’t shy away from offering some seriously good cocktails. Never one to turn down an invitation, I headed down to the bar last in Piccadilly Arcade week to test out some of the brand new additions to its ever-growing extensive menu – there are over 100 to choose from – and take part in some cocktail-based games.

Never a place to shy away from bringing a party to the city – whatever day of the week – and having experienced the bar’s previous tasting events, this one certainly didn’t disappoint.

Before I’d even arrived I was sent instructions to look out for a golden ticket and told I would find out more on the evening if I managed to get my hands on one- sneaky. After taking my seat with a glass of Prosecco *they know how to win me over here* I looked into my bag and there it was… a golden ticket!

Si, what was it for I hear you ask? Well, it just so happened to be my ticket behind the bar to mix up one of the brand new cocktails up for grabs, the Baller Colada.

The first concoction – of many – that evening, the Baller Colada is very similar to a Pina Colada, except it’s made with vodka instead of rum and it also has a touch of added bling. I was teamed up with a gentlemen who too possessed a ticket and we were told that we had to work as a team to create our very own Baller Colada.

Sounds simple, right? Well, you would be wrong, as we had to spend the whole time with our arms linked will trying to pour, shake and mix up our drink. Oh, and one more thing, the Baller Colada contains champagne… try pouring that with your left hand when you’re actually right-handed – champagne EVERYWHERE.

Baller Colada

With one cocktail down and six more to go, the remaining ticket holders made their way behind the bar to mix up the gin-based Bit of Me and Petty Filoo – which tasted EXACTLY like the childhood yogurt we all know and love – as well as the Golden Goose, Negronita, and my personal favourites, Silly Moo and Butter Beer, which are great if you love coffee and Werther’s Originals.

And if I thought my challenge of mixing up a cocktail while wearing a sparkly dollar chain – evidence of that is here if you want a laugh – it was nothing compared to the duo who one of which had to wear a cow mask while the other guided them to mix up the drink. Other challenges saw two teams battle it out to mix up a new cocktail with a limbo relay – my team lost…but it was still hilarious to be a part of.

Despite feeling a little worse for wear the next day, I can confirm that the new additions are well worth a try. And if you download the Be At One app you can even bag a cocktail for just £5 or take advantage of the APPI HOUR!

Don’t believe me? Head down to Be At One at Piccadilly Arcade and try them out for yourself, just maybe leave the car at home.

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